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元伊勢内宮 皇大神社

夏越の大祓神事について 大祓の儀





〇夏越の大祓(日室岳遙拝所) 午後4時40分~

 内容 大祓詞奏和、切麻による自己祓、夕日遥拝


   京都府北部尺八同好会 演目:平和の山河

   花響(はなゆら)     演目:蓬莱(ほうらい)


※ 能管とは能楽に用いる横笛。



Summer Purification (June 21st)

We hold the Summer Purification, a ritual to purify ourselves of the sins and impurities of the past six months and pray for good health.

It is generally held on June 30th, but at our shrine, the sun sets over the summit of the sacred mountain Himurodake on the summer solstice, so we hold the Summer Purification at that time.

〇 Burning of old sacred talismans (burning site in front of Kaguraden) 3:30pm onwards

〇 Summer purification (Himurodake remote worship site) 4:40pm onwards

Contents: Reciting the Great Purification Prayer, self-purification with cut hemp, remote worship of the setting sun

Dedication (after the ritual ends) 5:20pm

Kyoto Prefecture Northern Shakuhachi Club Performance: Peaceful Mountains and Rivers

Hanayura Performance: Horai

Collaboration of sho (Ihara Tokiko), noh flute (Nonaka Kumiko), and Japanese dance (Yamane Yuki)

※ Noh flute is a flute used in nohgaku.

On the day, we will be offering Kayanowa Amulets (limited to 200) 

and special goshuin (dragon: 500 yen for the first offering).

夏至 大祓 元伊勢外宮豊受大神社 日室が嶽


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