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元伊勢内宮 皇大神社






1 古神札焚上

 日時 6月21日(金) 午後3時30分~

 場所 神楽殿前焚上所

2 夏越の大祓

 日時 6月21日(金) 午後4時40分~

 場所 日室岳遙拝所(元伊勢皇大神社から天岩戸に向かい200mのところ)

 内容 大祓詞奏和、切麻による自己祓、夕日遥拝


   京都府北部尺八同好会 演目:平和の山河

   花響(はなゆら)     演目:蓬莱(ほうらい)


※ 能管とは能楽に用いる横笛。

3 奉納者プロフィール

○山根悠希:大阪府高槻市出身。4歳より日本舞踊を始める。1997年「絵日傘」 で初舞台。これまで、東京国立劇場、大阪国立文楽劇場、大分ホルトホール等、多数出演。現在は、日本舞踊「扇流」宗家、三代目家元 扇梅芳に師事。2021年に名取を取得。(福知山市大江町に縁のある方です)



4 その他

   当日は、茅の輪守り(限定200体 初穂料    円)及び特別御朱印(龍 カラー 初穂料500円)授与します。



Motoise Naiku Kotaijinja Shrine

About the ritual of burning old sacred tablets and the ritual of summer purification

We perform the "summer purification" ceremony to purify ourselves of the sins and impurities of the past six months and pray for good health.

It is generally held on June 30th, but at our shrine, the sun sets over the summit of the sacred mountain Himurodake on the summer solstice, so we hold the "summer purification" at that time.


1. Burning of old sacred talismans

Date and time: Friday, June 21st, from 3:30pm

Location: Burning site in front of Kaguraden

2. Summer purification

Date and time: Friday, June 21st, from 4:40pm

Location: Himurodake remote worship site (200m from Motoisekodaijinja Shrine towards Ama-no-Iwato)

Contents: Reciting the words of the great purification, self-purification with cut hemp, remote worship of the setting sun

Offering (after the ritual) around 5:20pm

Kyoto Prefecture Northern Shakuhachi Club Program: Mountains and Rivers of Peace

Hanayura Program: Horai

Collaboration of sho (Ihara Tokiko), noh flute (Nonaka Kumiko), and Japanese dance (Yamane Yuki)

* Noh flute is a flute used in nohgaku.

3. Profile of the donor

○Yuki Yamane: Born in Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture. Started Japanese dance at the age of 4. Debuted in 1997 in "Ehigasa". Has performed at many venues, including the Tokyo National Theater, the Osaka National Bunraku Theater, and the Oita Holt Hall. Currently studying under the third head of the Japanese dance "Ogiryu" school, Ogi Baifei. Obtained Natori in 2021. (Has ties to Oe Town, Fukuchiyama City)

○Kiko Ihara: While training in shrine maiden dance at Nyutsuhime Shrine, the guardian of Koyasan in Wakayama, she encountered the sho. Studied under Toyo Hideaki and Azuma Yasuhiro. While exploring traditional culture and spirituality, she continues to study every day and performs in ensembles with various artists both in Japan and abroad, including votive performances at temples and shrines.

○Kumiko Nonaka: Born in Kyoto City. From an early age, he was familiar with Western instruments such as the piano and violin, but gradually became attracted to Japanese music and studied the Noh flute under Hiroyuki Matsuda (Nohgaku Morita School). In addition to solo performances of the Noh flute, he also performs with various instruments from around the world, dance, and recitation. He has performed outdoors at places such as Ko-Fuji at the fifth station of Mt. Fuji and Jomon Cedar on Yakushima, as well as at dedications at shrines and temples across the country. Following the connections he has made through the flute, he has also traveled to Asia and Europe for performances. He is the head of the "Futeisha" group.

4. Other

On the day, we will be giving out Kayanowa Amulets (limited to 200, initial offering 1,000 yen) and special Goshuin (Dragon, color, initial offering 500 yen).

For inquiries, please contact Motoise Naiku Kotaijinja Shrine (Tel) 0773-56-1011

(Cell Phone) 090-4645-8987 Tanaka


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